Beginning with seven radiologists, Central Kentucky Radiology was founded with the vision of providing the highest quality radiological image interpretation and intervention to the central Kentucky region.  CKR continues that vision by providing hospital staffing and imaging services for doctorsí offices and freestanding centers throughout the state of Kentucky.  With many of our radiologists completing their undergraduate and doctoral studies at Kentucky Universities and Colleges, CKR has an unique and specific understanding of the needs and challenges facing the Kentuckians we serve.  Equipped with our ability to empathize with the lives of the patients we treat and our dedication to the highest level of clinical quality, Central Kentucky Radiology strives to provide superior service to every patient.  Our doctors understand that superior service from them is the area you require it most: your health and your life. 

Please take a moment to meet the radiologists of Central Kentucky Radiology, all board certified by the American Board of Radiology, who proudly serve you!

Dr. Dale R. Absher, MD
Dr. Jerry E. Anderson, MD, Emeritus
Dr. John L. Caudill, MD
Dr. Rhonda G. Grissom, MD
Dr. Jason A Harper, MD
Dr. Charles M Kenney, MD
Dr. Jon K Kostelic, MD
Dr. Christine N Riley, MD
Dr. Richard E Scalf, MD
Dr. Raymonda L. Stevens, MD
Dr. David Westerfield, MD
Dr. Matthew D. Zwick, MD