Dr. Dale R. Absher, MD
Dr. Jerry E. Anderson, MD, Emeritus
Dr. John L. Caudill, MD
Dr. Rhonda G. Grissom, MD
Dr. Jason A Harper, MD
Dr. Charles M Kenney, MD
Dr. Jon K Kostelic, MD
Dr. Christine N Riley, MD
Dr. Richard E Scalf, MD
Dr. Raymonda L. Stevens, MD
Dr. David Westerfield, MD
Dr. Matthew D. Zwick, MD
Bob Schmidt Bob Schmidt
Chief Executive Officer
Connie Wood Connie Wood
Vickie Marshall Vickie Marshall
Billing Manager & Compliance officer
Robyn Allen Robyn Allen
IT/Training Supervisor
Melanie Smyth Melanie Smyth
Melissa Oberto Melissa Oberto
Administrative Assistant
Danette Jones Danette “Nettie” Jones
Radiology Certified Coder
Cheryl Cussick
Radiology Certified Coder
Jena Baird Jena Baird
Coding Specialist
Aida Combs
Billing Specialist/Focus on Anthem
Billie Black Billie Black
Billing Specialist/Focus on Worker’s Comp, Auto, Federal Black Lung Insurance and Attorney Correspondence
Dwanna Breeding Dwanna Breeding
Billing Specialist/Focus on Humana, United Healthcare and Cigna
Whitney Fish Whitney Fish
Billing Specialist/Focus on Medicare, Medicare Replacements, Medicaid & Charity Assistance
Lori Colson Lori Colson
Billing Specialist/Payment Posting & BBI Billing
Amber Dunn Amber Dunn
Billing Specialist/Payment Posting
Bonnie Eckler Bonnie Eckler
Billing Specialist/Data Analyst
Lori Nation Lori Nation
Receptionist/Data Analyst
Dayna Turner
Data Analyst
Christopher Oser, PA-C
Doug F Bryan, RT(R), MSPAS, PA-C
Emily A Clark, PA-C
Jeffrey A Koch, PA-C
L Kemper Wolverton, PA
Samantha Howell, PA-C